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About Build IT Together

Build IT Together (BIT) is designed to bring together innovators and tech leaders in your organization. By bridging gaps between hierarchies and departments within organizations, Build IT Together seeks to find areas where innovation and technology can make work more fun, efficient, and secure for everyone involved.

Community Breakdown by Role

  • C-Suite Executives 49% 49%
  • IT Directors 33% 33%
  • IT Staff 9% 9%
  • Other Depts (Finance, Operations, Sales, etc) 9% 9%

Organizations Involved

Participating Industries

Attendee Breakdown by Size

  • 1-29 Employees 17% 17%
  • 30-49 Employees 32% 32%
  • 50-99 Employees 13% 13%
  • 100-499 Employees 23% 23%
  • 500+ Employees 15% 15%

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Attendees will take away:

Actionable insights and valuable network connections. Through handpicked keynote speakers, and panel sessions with experts, Build IT Together brings together forward-thinkers to share their tactics and insights using technology to work smarter. In between these interactive sessions, there’s ample time to share and learn with other attendees, and make lasting connections that will help your organization grow.

The Build IT Together Story

Build IT Together was born in Spring 2013, from a desire to connect like-minded business leaders and tech professionals to foster innovation, collaboration, and leadership, mirroring collaborative entrepreneurial communities in other parts of Michigan.

Today, Build IT Together meets for annual conferences in Detroit and Kalamazoo, Michigan, as well as monthly after-work meetups and webinars through the help of community hosts and partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends Build IT Together?
Leadership roles, IT professionals, and almost all other business roles will find value at Build IT Together. BIT began as a meeting place for technology leaders, but it’s grown to include topics and conversations valuable to all roles.
What types of sessions can I expect?
Build IT Together sessions range from keynote presentations, to Q&A panels, to interview-style presentations. Sessions are always designed to be as interactive and practical as possible.
Will food be provided?
Usually. Build IT Together Main Events & Meetups typically include meals. Each event is different and you should review the event & ticket descriptions for full details.
Will there be time for networking?
There will be plenty of time for networking. Events are always planned with time for networking before and after presentations. Specific networking time will vary from event to event. You can view main event agendas on their respective pages on the Build IT Together website.
Is there a dress code?
Will there be vendors or sales pitches?
Build IT Together events are designed by the community, for the community, and as such our meetups and conferences prohibit sales pitches. Partnerships help fund the event, and will never directly influence the content of an event.
Will there be video or recaps available following the event?
Limited highlights are available following main events, though video recaps and complete transcripts will not be available. Build IT Together events are designed to provide the most insights to attendees. Sessions are collaborative and allow for attendee participation.
How can I connect with other attendees prior to the conference?
You can connect with attendees on the Build IT Together Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter pages.
How can I get involved with BIT?
Event partnerships, event hosting, and community participation are all ways to get more involved with Build IT Together. Visit the partnership and event-hosting pages for details on how to get started, and join the Build IT Together newsletter for other opportunities to shape the community, such as feedback and topic surveys.