Practical Applications for IoT (Internet of Things): BITDet2017 Keynote

To illuminate the role of IoT in business strategy, Detroit Labs’ co-founder joined Build IT Together Detroit 2017 to share the tactics and trends that they have encountered, implementing IoT deployments to help their team (and their clients) work smarter.

Business applications for Internet of Things devices have been of high interest to the Build IT Together community for years, but according to a 2016 survey from the Internet of Things Institute, 18% of consumers have never even heard of the term.

Building on his varied professional background and belief that successful technology is meant to enable human beings, Dan advises clients through ideation, concept, and experience design. Today, he serves Detroit Labs, a software development company that specializes in mobile development, user experience, and Internet of Things (IoT). Detroit Labs solutions strive to make end-users happier while delivering actionable data to company decision-makers.

View the recording above, and explore how IoT deployments can be used to produce meaningful data, and improve user experience for teams.

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