BITKzoo2017 Panel: Building and Engaging a Remote Workforce

We’re proud to announce the panelists for the session Building and Engaging a Remote Workforce at Build IT Together Kalamazoo 2017.

Moderator Daniel Proczko and these panelists will share their insight from managing successful remote teams. Discover how to export your culture and what tools to use to keep remote teams productive and connected to your organization.

Trevor Mays

Trevor Mays

Director of Support Operations | Duo Security

Trevor is currently at Duo Security, a SaaS security company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s held several roles within their Customer Success department since he began in 2013. Previous to Duo, Trevor worked at Google within their Corporate Engineering and Technical Writing teams. He attended and was employed by the University of Michigan, where he got his start in IT.

Today, Trevor oversees regional technical managers and helps keep a consistent, global culture across Duo’s many remote offices and employees.

Mark Roys

Mark Roys

Chief Operating Officer | CSM Group

CSM Group is a construction management firm based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Mark has been with them since 2006. Prior to that, Mark served in the US Navy, where he worked in offices around the world to perform construction management, facility planning, public works management, and contingency construction operations, including humanitarian support operations alongside the United Nations.

At CSM Group, Mark manages the daily operations supporting multiple construction teams throughout the United States, making remote engagement a core component of his workflow.

Matt Vollmar

Matt Vollmar

Chief Executive Officer | Newmind Group

Matt Vollmar has been with Newmind Group since 2013, and in 2014 he took the role of Newmind CEO. Prior to Newmind, Matt spent time working in IT delivery and leadership at Hewlett-Packard and he received his Bachelor of Computer Science from Western Michigan University. Today Matt leads the growing team at Newmind Group, specializing in proactive, effective IT solutions for their clients.

As CEO of Newmind Group, Matt aligns goals and culture for a remote team spread across Michigan.

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