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We’re proud to announce that Matt Vollmar, of Newmind Group, will be proctoring the special session, Practical Security Strategies at Build IT Together Kalamazoo 2017.

Matt Vollmar | CEO, Newmind Group
Session: Practical Security Strategies

Matt Vollmar has been with Newmind Group since 2013, and in 2014 he took the role of Newmind CEO. Prior to Newmind, Matt spent time working in IT delivery and leadership at Hewlett-Packard and he received his Bachelor of Computer Science from Western Michigan University. Today Matt leads the growing team at Newmind Group, specializing in proactive, effective IT solutions for their clients.

Matt will begin the session with a short Q&A panel to build a better understanding of the real risks involved in IT security. After the panel, Matt will provide 3 security scenarios to attendees for on-the-spot problem solving exercises, designed to identify the balance and urgency that are necessary to security strategy today.

This type of interactive session is totally new to Build IT Together, so you won’t want to miss it.