Meet a Moderator: Matt Mace

We’re proud to announce that Matt Mace, of BlueGranite Inc, will be moderating the panel Data-Driven Decision Making at Build IT Together Kalamazoo 2017.

Matt Mace | BlueGranite Inc
Session: Data-Driven Decision Making

Matt is the CEO and a founder of BlueGranite Inc, a Kalamazoo-based consulting firm specializing in the architecture, implementation and support of modern data platforms. Prior to BlueGranite, Matt received his MBA in Strategy and Marketing from the University of Michigan, and his BA in Computer Information Systems from Western Michigan University.

Matt and his panelists will explore trends in analytics, and how big data is changing the way business leaders and teams make decisions—from HR, to Sales/Marketing, to Operations. With his panelists’ unique insight, they’ll also highlight focus areas for that data, where data can make the greatest impact on your business performance. Leaders and decision makers won’t want to miss the valuable take aways that Matt is bringing to this panel.


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