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Last week we took some time to reflect on how the Build IT Together has grown, in only two years, but the bigger story is how far the whole of Michigan IT has come.

IT in Michigan is growing

Seven years ago Michigan was taking quite a hit in the recession, but the recovery has been steady and true: current population statistics show a growth of 86,000 jobs since July 2013.

What part did IT play in that?

The Michigan Department of Technology, Labor, and Budget speculates that Michigan’s IT workforce will grow 13.7% through 2018, and currently IT employs almost 4% of Michigan workers. In 2013, IT employed almost 5,000 individuals in West Michigan alone! Zooming out a bit, the IT industry in general remains among the most accelerated industries in the country, with a growth of 18% last year.

IT wins on the Inc 500

Of Inc Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies of 2014, 5 are IT companies within Michigan! Michigan’s presence has doubled since the 2013 list was published, and with over 60% of this year’s Michigan segment coming from IT companies, it makes a pretty big statement that our state has been pulling weight in the technology industry. According to Inc.’s statistics, the whole of Michigan IT has generated $36.8 million in revenue in the past year and our state occupies almost 10% of the Inc. 500’s IT category.

Join the Movement, Grow Michigan

IT has already played a major role in revitalizing Michigan and we know we can do more! Over the past 2 years Build IT Together has allowed over 100 IT professionals collaborate and improve their IT strategy: join us for another great year and let’s make an even bigger impact in Michigan!