Meet 5 Experts Joining Build IT Together: New Panels Announced

Today we’re happy to reveal two more panels at Build IT Together Detroit 2016. Get your panel preview below, and learn more about the speakers by clicking their profile image.


Internet of Things

In this session, IoT experts will explore how the Internet of Things is changing today’s workplace. They’ll share experiences in using IoT in their own workplace, with their clients, and overall trends they see in the marketplace. You’ll gain insights into the types of data you can gather from the interconnectedness of devices to help make your teams happier, more engaged, and more productive.


Ryan Anderson cricle

Ryan Anderson
Herman Miller | Director of Commercialization & BizDev

Dan Behrens circle

Dan Behrens
Cisco Meraki | Manufacturing Practice Architect

User Experience Design

The workspace has gone digital. Employees don’t need to be confined to an office, they can take their work to different areas of the building, or on the road. Devices have become more mobile, and the software has caught up to allow us to create experiences that build more productive teams and more engaged employees. UX methodology, which has been used in product and application design for years, will be explored and insights gleaned to create productive and engaging workplaces.

In this session UX Design Leaders will draw parallels between UX Design principles and creating engaging work environments. Speakers have lots of room to wander and may bring up specific hardware or software they use and departmental organization best-practices in this session.


Jonah Bailey Circle

Jonah Bailey
Atomic Object | Software Consultant & Designer

Zack DeYoung

Zack DeYoung
Maestro | VP of Design

Benjamin Mazza

Benjamin Mazza
PIXO Group | Senior UX Designer

Build IT Together Detroit is only 4 weeks away. Join us for actionable technology strategy, industry insight, and real stories of how technology is influencing Michigan business in 2016.

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