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Today we present our final 3 panelists for Build IT Together 2016. Moderating the session Security (Data and Network) will be Tom Perso, the Director of IT at Trillium Staffing, and he has hand-picked local professionals to discuss the topic alongside him.

Build IT Together's Security Panelists 2016

Explore Data & Network Security at Build IT Together 2016

In 2015, Chris Czub of Duo Security led Build IT Together with his keynote Security Fact and Fiction, Three Lessons from the Headlines, and this year, Tom and his team of panelists (including Chris Czub’s colleague, Steve Edwards) will explore the security we deal with day-to-day. They will explore current data and network security trends, compare defensive and offensive solutions, and examine the human factor in protecting your data.


The Security session is just one of many topics to be covered at the event, and you can check the rest out here! Build IT Together 2016 is a free conference, and I’d love to see you there.


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