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Our Spring conference is swiftly approaching, but we’re hoping to bring on more organizations than ever, so we wanted to share a story from one of last year’s attendees. Jim Penix is a development associate at the Battle Creek Community Foundation, and he told us about his experience as an attendee at Build IT Together 2014.

“I went as a representative for many nonprofits in the Battle Creek community—Battle Creek Community Foundation is just one of them. It was a great forum for me to network with technology individuals, as well as customers and clients who were implementing technologies that we’ve been looking at internally.

Getting to see some of those solutions firsthand was a real value, too. Mobile apps, for example—we were able to see some of the locally-developed ideas being put together by our peers, as well as getting an idea for implementation, strategy, and direction—which were all really valuable to us as a nonprofit.

At the 2015 conference I’m looking forward to seeing some more fresh ideas, and the chance to network with individuals who might be in a similar position to us—I love seeing how other nonprofits from around the area are positioning themselves in the community. Build IT Together is just a great forum to exchange ideas—an incubator for ideas and strategy—not only between businesses and developers, but also between businesses utilizing similar technology.”

Join a community of like-minded tech thinkers, and collaborate with us. Registration is free, and we’d love to see you at the event in May.