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To illuminate the role of IoT in business strategy, Detroit Labs’ co-founder joined Build IT Together Detroit 2017 to share the tactics and trends that they have encountered, implementing IoT deployments to help their team (and their clients) work smarter.

The breakout session results are in! Just over a month ago we sent out a survey to discover the most pressing topics of the IT community in Michigan. We received some great feedback!

Focus on Security

Data security was one of the most asked-about topics in the survey, which aligns directly with our keynote speaker who we announced last month!

For all the headlines it’s made, the importance of data security can’t be understated— especially to IT leaders. In 2014 alone, we saw over 26 major companies get hit with catastrophic-level hacker strikes—and those are only the incidents that became known to the public! And on the individual level, 2014 saw an estimated 20 million cases of identity theft. Needless to say, security will be a big undercurrent of this year’s sessions.

The Big Three

For the breakout sessions, your votes have helped narrowed down session topics:

  • This is how we do IT
    Stories from local IT directors about their approach to IT strategy.
  • How to cultivate a good IT culture
    How have local organizations cultivated their unique culture? What makes them great?
  • Doing IT with less budget
    Discover how to internally marketing IT value & exploring solutions that cost less.

After last year’s event we listened to your feedback about wanting to hear from more IT leaders, but we also wanted to make sure that we didn’t bite off more than we could chew. So, instead of packing the day full of sessions with multiple tracks, we decided to simplify and plan high-impact panel discussions. This will allow you to learn from more individuals while at the same time provide multiple perspectives.



Of all topics, the 4 listed above received over 50% of all votes cast. Remaining topics received votes from less than 20% of survey participants making these 4 the most popular.


Build IT Together is intended to bring together IT directors, CIOs, CFOs, CMOs, CEOs and other tech-minded professionals in the West Michigan area to share experiences, make connections, and improve the sense of community in our industry!

Whether or not you’ve heard of Build It Together or Newmind Group, we strongly encourage anyone interested in these subjects to join us for this event. Register now!